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What Is 'YouAreMinecraft'?

'YouAreMinecraft' was about constructing an oversized statue of your player's avatar in game.

This was not yet another Minecraft server. It was an event where the server has been just one part of it. And it was lasting only for some weeks.

87,616 peopled joined the project and built their counterpart beside Minecraft players from all over the world, hopefully resulting in the most amazing avatar avenue ever seen.

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Why Did 87,616 People Participate?

Because they are a fan and supporters of one of the most innovative games of all times. This game has revealed how much undiscovered creativity lies in all of us. For hours and hours caverns were explored, zombies slaughtered and blocks combined to build structures of all kind. Countless videos on YouTube, multiplayer servers and communities point out the great success of Minecraft.

It was time to unite and to enable a so far unseen Minecraft project. Much players took their chance and joined 'YouAreMinecraft' and met players from around the globe in a personal way...

But what were they going to build? The most personal thing every player is associated with in Minecraft - their avatar!

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Skins built: 87,616
The event is over. View the Livemap.

The event is over

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Share Your Experience!

We need you to tell the world about YouAreMinecraft!

If you want, make screenshots or even video capture your skin building. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and everywhere else you like.

If you're a blogger, then feel free to write about YouAreMinecraft. If you're a youtuber, capture a Let's Play or a Timelapse video for example.

In any case: Please tell us and the world about your work by publishing it to the timeline on our Facebook fanpage and upload your pictures at Minebook

We are curious about your feedback. Just surprise us!

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Ingame Commands

/info - warp to info wall (look behind you)
/spawn - warp to world spawn
/start - get your plot automatically
/starthere - build your skin at your current plot
/report text - report abuse
/home - warp to your building site
/home nick - warp to nicknames building site
/livemap - get a link to the livemap (current location)
/livemap nick - get a link to the livemap the user's skin
/chat - see the chat
/nochat - switch the chat off
/support - switch to the support chat

That Legal Stuff

page made by: Kreativ&Söhne
technical stuff managed by: SN-Plus |

YouAreMinecraft is hosted in Germany.
So, we need to have this in german.
imprint | privacy


This package includes the whole server software. Once connected to the local server, you can visit any skin by using /home USERNAME

Visit the statues of the YouAreMinecraft Team by typing in /team to the chat.

Some additional things:
* NoLagg is installed. You need it because of the map size
* Do not change the config
* Do not update the Bukkit version!
* Minimal RAM: 3GB for max. 5 players.

How to run this
1) Unpack the server and run it with: startserver.bat
2) Start Minecraft, click on 'multiplayer'
3) Connect to 'localhost' or ''

Rules & FAQ

What am I not allowed to build?
- No politics, no religion, no advertising, no URLs, no Youtube channels, nothing sexual, no racism, nothing monumental (this means no huge boxes around the skins, no walls (including water) behind, beside or in front them), avoid building above heads (especially no signs), no gore, nothing else than skins or avatars (no houses etc.)
and Hitler/Nazi skins are lame, too.
We will delete inappropriate skins. They can be reported by using the /report command ingame

What's the server's adress?
- it is If you've got connection problems, use the IP instead (

Do I have to save my built avatar?
- No. Just leave the server and tell your friends.
It's all fully automated by some really 1337-y Bukkit Plugins developed by ourselves.

The skin on my building site does not look like my skin.
- That's correct. It's just a default skin you can modify.

Can I reposition my avatar?
- No. Call for an admin who will delete it for you. After that, you can rebuild it anywhere else.

Am I allowed to place water, lava or redstone?
- Yes, you are. Note: Physics, redstone and growing are disabled.

Can I build more than one skin?
- No. One skin per Minecraft account.


What will happen after the event has ended?
- We will give the map to Mojang as a present (By the way: We need some help with that).

Will the map be available for download?
- Yes, it will. We will give you the map bundled with our server software to avoid floating water and lava and fire spread.

When will I be able to download the map?
- When it's done ;)

When will this event end?
- On May, 19th.

Why can't I read all the chat messages?
- You can only see all chat messages written by players 150 blocks around you. That's because the chat will rush too fast for you when the server is full.

I can't connect with message: "User not Premium"
- You can solve this problem by buying Minecraft instead of pirating it.

Where's the server hosted at and what are the specs?
- It's a root machine, hosted at a huge hosting service. It has got 2 Xeon CPUs with 4 Cores each, 24 GB of RAM, SSD RAID and a 10 GBit network connection.

Placing a torch/redstone on a block and removing the block will leave the torch in place.
- That's correct. Every block or item will stay until you break it. Even torches, redstone or signs.

Redstone does not work.
- That's correct. Performance issues.